Harvest Gold Update – July 19, 2018

Harvest Gold Update


                I had a chance to catch up with Harvest Gold President Rick Mark this afternoon for an update on the progress the company is making leading up to the much-anticipated drill program scheduled to begin in the August-September time frame at their Cerro Cascaron gold/silver project in Mexico.  Attached is their just updated presentation (here) showing some new information that I think you’ll find most interesting.

                As you recall, Harvest announced the appointment of Patrick Donnelly to its Board of Directors three weeks ago.  Patrick has an impressive background in the sector and has already brought new eyes to Harvest Gold from his many industry contacts and he will be instrumental in bringing additional capital to the company.  Patrick is extremely excited about the potential of Cerro Cascaron to deliver a homerun for shareholders. He is using this new Corporate Presentation to introduce Harvest starting today

                The private placement is moving along and a status update can be expected shortly from the company.  Cooperation between the company and Evrim Resources, who will be the operator of Phase I of the upcoming drill program remains excellent.  Rick is in constant contact with Evrim’s President Paddy Nicol as the project planning progresses.