Comanus Rising Podcast – July 3, 2016

In this holiday-shortened episode of the Comanus Rising Podcast we talk about the week in gold and gold stocks. We discuss the upcoming property report on West Red Lake Gold Mines RLG and also discuss the press releases from the following companies: Blue River Resources BXR, Victoria Gold VIT, NorthIsle Copper and Gold NCX, East Africa Metals EAM, Coronet Metals CRF, AM Gold AMG, Sona Resources SYS, Taranis Resources TRO. Metals discussed include gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, molybdenum and rhenium.

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6 thoughts on “Comanus Rising Podcast – July 3, 2016”

  1. Thank you for another interesting podcast and Greetings from the small island nation of Malta in Southern Medeterranian (Europe).

  2. Thanks Fred. Glad to have you listening. Do you invest in resource companies? If so, which ones?

  3. Hi Vince,
    Thanks for the stocks. I am looking to grab some RLG before the results.
    Are you following Westkam Gold WKG?
    They are doing a 10,000t bulk sample this week. This is setting up like HRT had its run. Volume is pouring in the last few days.


  4. I used to be more into Physical bullion and Midcap producers but fascinated these days with the explorers and developers. So used to focus more on NPV calculations but Trying to learn more about how to read Assay numbers now, it’s hard but interesting and still have lots to learn. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  5. Hi Fred. I do have some bullion. I prefer the leverage the explorers provide IF you find the right ones in a bull market. That’s what we are hunting for now.

  6. Hi Chad,

    I’ve seen there’s quite a bit of volume on WKG but I’ve never taken the time to look into the story. Thanks for reminding me I need to do that.

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