Comanus Rising Podcast – May 8, 2016

In this episode of the Comanus Rising podcast we take a look back at the week in gold and gold stocks, talk about news from the Canadian junior resource sector and I’ll give you a list of stocks I own and the reason I own them. We talk about the following stocks: West Red Lake Gold RLG, West African Resources, WAF, Red Eagle Mining RD, Chalice Gold Mines CXN, Khot Infrastructure KOT, Decade Resources DEC, Alexander Nubia AAN, NWest Energy NWN, Colorado Resources CXO, Merrex Gold MXI, Nexgen Energy NXE, Kaminak Gold KAM, Visible Gold Mines VGD, Vanstar Mining VSR, Condor Resources CN, Erdene Resource Development ERD, Siorious Resources SOI, Dios Exploration DOS, Klondike Gold KG, Timberline Resources TBR, Firestone Ventures FV, AM Gold AMG, Nevada Sunrise NEV, Macarthur Minerals MMS, Algold Resources ALG. These companies primarily explore for gold, silver, uranium, copper, lead and zinc.

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6 thoughts on “Comanus Rising Podcast – May 8, 2016”

  1. *NOTE – Apologies if this is a re-post. I couldn’t tell if my comment posted the first time I tried.

    Hi Comanus, just took a listen, nice podcast this week!

    I overlap with just a couple of your holdings. But always great to hear what you follow…I would own a few more of these if I could have gotten in a bit cheaper!

    One quick correction – When discussing Alexander Nubia (AAN on TSXV, AAN.V on Yahoo Finance) about 30 minutes in, I agree with Egypt not being the reason for the stock struggling. But I believe you said “Centerra”, when you meant to say “Centamin” (CEY listed in the UK, CEY.L on Yahoo Finance), when describing the current big success story in Egypt. Just wanted to point this out in case anyone else wanted to research it.


  2. Hi MBG, Thanks – yes you are correct about Centamin – when I said Centerra I was thinking….is that correct? I do most of this off of the top of my head so its prone to errors. Thanks for listening!

  3. Hi Barry,

    I’ve heard of them but I’m slowly building my ASX knowledge so haven’t looked at them closely yet. I will do that this week. Thanks for listening.

  4. Wow! Nice website Vince, much better than the old one. Thank you for the great stock picks. keep up the great work.
    That was some good news for the Yukon yesterday with Goldcorp taking out KAM.


  5. Hi Chad,

    Thanks for listening. I like the new format better as well. I hope to add a new mid-week video later this summer! Yes – Goldcorp takeout of Kaminak great for the entire jr sector.

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