Stateside Report Podcast – June 13, 2018

In this episode of the Stateside Report Podcast we take a look back at the week in gold, silver, the base metals and the stocks, introduce a new sponsor Kintavar Exploration $KTR, then talk about the press releases of the following companies:  Harvest Gold $HVG, Metals Creek Resources $MEK, Kutcho Copper $KC, Metalore Resources $MET, Goldplay Exploration $GPLY, Salazar Resources $SRL, Inzinc Mining $IZN, Alexandria Minerals $AZX, West Kirkland Mining $WKM, Garibaldi Resources $GGI, Eagle Plain Resources $EPL, Junex $JNX, Wesdome Gold Mines $WDO, Medgold Resources $MED, Adriatic Metals $ADT.AX, Marindi Metals $MZN.AX, and MOD Resources $MOD.AX.  We talk gold, silver, lithium, copper, nickel, uranium, lead, zinc, oil and natural gas.